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Are you looking for “It’s the Tribes, Stupid?” You’ve found it.

By Steven Pressfield | Published: May 12, 2010

We’ve changed the name to Agora (the Greek word for marketplace and, in ancient Athens, the central gathering place for talking and brawling over the day’s events). Agora is meant to signify a communal meeting site—a forum for the exchange of political, cultural and military ideas.

Everything that was on “It’s the Tribes, Stupid” in the past will be available on Agora in the future—with the exception of “Writing Wednesdays” and “The Creative Process.” These two series will be featured as stand-alone elements on our new site, Steven Pressfield Online. To access them, click on “Series” in the menu bar above.

Our agora-master will be William “Mac” McCallister. Mac’s is one of the many serendipitous friendships that have come out of my experience on Tribes. He’s a warrior and a scholar and a passionate advocate for unconventional solutions across the full spectrum of political-cultural-military problems. A retired military officer, Mac has done extensive work in Afghanistan and Iraq, Korea, Eastern Europe and everywhere in between.  He is a published author in military affairs and tribal warfare and has guest-lectured at Johns Hopkins University and presented numerous papers at academic and government-sponsored conferences such as the Watson Institute, Brown University; Department of the Navy Science and Technology and DARPA; and the Central Intelligence Agency. He has been a guest on outlets such as National Public Radio (NPR) and been featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Mac is also tremendously generous about sharing what he’s learned, which is why I first asked him to consider contributing to Tribes—and now to take the reins on Agora. Check out his bio and his other writings.

I’ll still pop in from time to time to post on Agora, and you’ll see posts from guests from time to time, too.


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