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ARCHIVES OF August, 2012

What It Takes

What It Takes

The Sally Carrol Dream

By Callie Oettinger | Published: August 31, 2012

Do you know Sally Carrol Happer? She lives in the sleepy southern summers of Tarleton, GA, bathed in golden light and “freckling shadows.” She was brought up on “memories instead of money” and raised within F. Scott Fitgerald’s mind. She rests within his “Ice Palace.”

She exists in a world free of 4G ads telling us to get up to speed, of apps for all that, of gadgets and gizmos a plenty.

Her story is one of the North and South, city and country, men and women, “canines and felines,” new and old, and entrepreneurs and good old boys looking to get rich quick.

Her story is also one of fast and slow, of not taking things so seriously–of holding onto what we love–and of learning our dreams aren’t always the best reality. (more…)

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Writing Wednesdays

Writing Wednesdays

Something Unique To Say

By Steven Pressfield | Published: August 29, 2012

If you’re a writer or artist or entrepreneur and you sometimes think to yourself, “I have nothing unique to say,” you’re wrong and I’ll tell you why.


Jackson Browne has said that he writes his lyrics to find out what he thinks

First, that voice in your head is 100-proof Resistance. It’s bullshit. I get a lot of e-mails from the trenches and, trust me, Resistance is spamming you with the same boilerplate it uses on everyone, including me.

So that’s Reason #1 not to listen to that voice.

Reason #2 is a lot deeper and more subtle.

When we think to ourselves, “I have nothing unique to say,” we are thinking with our surface mind.

The surface mind is an idiot. It knows nothing.

The surface mind is our everyday brain, the one we use for crossing the street, making out grocery lists, and applying to the Kennedy School at Harvard. The surface mind knows only three things:

What has already happened.

What it believes can happen.

What it fears will happen.

No wonder it tells us, “Hey, stupid! What makes you think you have something original to say?”

The trick is that you and I don’t write or paint or shoot film with our surface mind.

I’ve quoted Jackson Browne on this subject before. He says he writes the lyrics of a song to find out what he thinks.

What he means by that is that when he sits down to compose, he doesn’t know yet what he thinks. It is in the process that what he thinks is revealed.

The process doesn’t happen in the surface mind. It takes place in the Deep Mind. (more…)

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What It Takes

What It Takes

Art and Manipulation

By Shawn Coyne | Published: August 24, 2012

David Carr’s piece this past Monday about The New Yorker’s Jonah Lehrer and Time’s Fareed Zakaria, reminded me of one of my favorite movies, 1987’s Broadcast News.

In the piece, Carr calls out these two writers for their recent mea culpas for fabrication and plagiarism, revelations that seem to get more frequent with less consequence. Lehrer is lying low, no doubt well sustained by the revenue from his three previous bestsellers (money he will not have to return despite its fruit from a poisonous tree quality). Plus he has the sympathy of dear friends like Malcolm Gladwell who responded when informed about Lehrer’s coming clean after failing in his efforts to cover it up:

“I am heartbroken. Jonah is a friend. He is a decent and sweet and hugely talented guy, and I cannot imagine what he is going through right now.”

What he’s going through? What about the chumps who bought and believed his work?

As for Zakaria, after less than a week suspension from Time and CNN, he’s back at work. (more…)

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