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ARCHIVES OF March, 2014

What It Takes

What It Takes


By Shawn Coyne | Published: March 28, 2014

I face this conundrum a lot and I’ve had the good fortune to work with the expert on Resistance to ask for help. Here it is:

“How do you know when the voice in your head has been hijacked by Resistance? That you’re essentially acting on advice from a force out to distract and keep you from the important work you were put on earth to do?”

Steve’s response to this question is “the very act of questioning the motives of your internal chatterbox tells you that it’s Resistance.” And he’s absolutely right.

But what if the voice tells you that your devotion to your muse is denying your six-year-old daughter a connected, loving and giving father? It’s no secret that great writers/artists were/are often terrible at relationships. Maybe that’s the price you’ll have to pay to get that Clio award.

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Writing Wednesdays

Writing Wednesdays

Keep Gnawing

By Steven Pressfield | Published: March 26, 2014

People sometimes ask me, “Don’t you feel guilty encouraging individuals to pursue their artistic dreams when the odds against success are so overwhelming?”


It's true of beavers too.


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Ask Me Anything Mondays

Ask Me Anything Mondays

Our Morning Routines

By Steven Pressfield | Published: March 24, 2014

This Mondays’s Ask Me Anything concludes our “How to Organize a Day, How to Organize a Year” podcast. Thanks to our First Look Access friends for the questions.

Cate Emond asks …

I recently quit my boring office job in order to pursue my writing and other creative projects full-time. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and articles in preparation and one piece of advice that seems pretty universal to all people who work from home is the importance of having a morning routine. I would love to know what your morning routine consists of (if you have one).


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