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How The Millennials Do It

How The Millennials Do It


By Steven Pressfield
Published: July 24, 2014

“What is the intent of Camp Abercorn?” In today’s conversation, Jeff speaks from the heart about his painful separation for the Scouts after 16 years because of the organization’s prohibition of gay adult leaders. (You can be a gay Scout but not a gay Scoutmaster.) Jeff talks about how much he learned from scouting and his intentions for Camp Abercorn, the show, as a sort of alternative universe that can both show the world as it is and as it might be in a less restrictive and more open future.

(The transcript of today’s video—#6 of eight—is below.)

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Business and Motivation

Business and Motivation

Good to Great

by Collins, Jim

The second-favorite book (after Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations) of Marine general Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, who led Marines in Afghanistan and commanded the First Marine Division in Iraq. Brilliant, no-nonsense insights into how organizations succeed . . . and fail.

Business and Motivation
Genius Network Series, The

by Polish, Joe

Joe is a marketing guru out of Tempe, AZ, who has put together a series of CD interviews with entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, marketers and interesting people of all stripes. (Fair disclosure: he interviewed me.) My pick: any interview with “strategic coach” Dan Sullivan.

Mystery of Making It

by White, Jack

Jack White was the first state artist of Texas. But his book isn’t about art, it’s about the business of art. (He has two others, on selling art and on self-promotion). You have to download these for twenty-odd bucks from they’re not available in hard copy. Terrific stuff, well worth the paper and toner.

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