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Do The Work WednesdaysWriting Wednesdays

Seth Godin on the Domino Project

By Steven Pressfield | Published: May 4, 2011

The Domino Project is a partnership between Seth Godin and, in which together they find, commission, edit, design, print, advertise, market and distribute a specific type of book/audio/eBook that Seth calls a “manifesto.” The first such piece, published two months ago, was Seth’s Poke the Box; the second, two weeks ago, was my Do the Work.


Seth and his best suit

In last week’s post, I offered my own befogged take on what the Domino Project is, what it represents, and what were some of the possible implications of this model for all of us artists and entrepreneurs going into the future. Continuing that thread, I went this week to the horse’s mouth. Herewith, five questions and a bonus query with Seth:

SP: Seth, how did the idea for the Domino Project come about? Did you come up with it and take it to Amazon? What exactly is the concept of the Domino Project?

SG: In 1998, I pitched Jeff Bezos [the founder and CEO of] on the idea of publishing books. After all, I said, that’s where the money is… when you sell what everyone else is selling, you make pennies. The publishers like bookstore competition, but they make dollars, not pennies, I said. I also pointed out that Amazon, alone among booksellers, knew who liked what. This was huge.

He laughed. He’s a good laugher. We shook hands and I went off to finish selling my internet company.

Five years later, I went back to Amazon to give a speech and pitched the whole room. Again, they weren’t ready. (more…)

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Do The Work Wednesdays

Do The Work Wednesdays

“Pizza for Everybody!”

By Steven Pressfield | Published: April 27, 2011

First, I want to thank everyone who helped make last Wednesday’s launch of Do The Work such an overwhelming success.


Alex Miles Younger chows down. Note Seth G. in the background: too smart to touch this stuff.

I sent pizza to the gang at Seth Godin’s Domino Project (thanks, Pizza Grill in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY)—but I also want to give a shout-out to everyone who downloaded the free Kindle version, ordered the hardback or audio, tweeted, Facebooked, blogged, retweeted or just told a friend and passed DTW along.  Thanks, you guys! You helped make this thing a hit without any traditional media, advertising, testimonials, blurbs, reviews, the whole shooting match.

Next week in this space I’ll talk with Seth one-on-one about how this new model of publishing came into being (hint: Seth invented it). But today I want to offer my own hazy understanding of how the Domino/Amazon alliance works—and what it or something like it means, or may mean, to artists and entrepreneurs like you and me.

Is Domino/Amazon the shape of things to come? Will mainstream publishing be revolutionized by this new paradigm? First, let’s consider exactly what the Domino/Amazon alliance is—and what qualities make it unique:

1) There’s no traditional publisher. Amazon/Domino commissions, edits, designs and prints the books themselves. There’s no sales force, no sell-in to bookstores (you can’t buy these books in bookstores) and none of the traditional distribution apparatus. (more…)

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Do The Work Wednesdays

Do The Work WednesdaysWriting Wednesdays

How Screenwriters Pitch

By Steven Pressfield | Published: April 20, 2011

Today, the 20th, is publication day for Do the Work in all three versions—hardback, electronic and audio—so please forgive me if I do a little marketing pitch for a sentence or two. Here’s how I described the book to a friend:

Do The Work

Today, April 20th, "Do The Work" goes on sale officially in all three formats—hardcover, Kindle, and audio.

Do The Work isn’t so much a “follow-up” to The War of Art as it is an action guide that gets down and dirty in the trenches. Say you’ve got a book, a screenplay or a startup in your head but you’re stuck or scared or just don’t know how to begin, how to break through or how to finish. Do The Work takes you step-by-step from the project’s inception to its ship date, hitting each predictable “Resistance point” along the way and giving techniques and drills for overcoming each obstacle. There’s even a section called “Belly of the Beast” that goes into detail about dealing with the inevitable moment in any artistic or entrepreneurial venture when you hit the wall and just want to cry “HELP!”

Today’s post and the previous two have come, slightly modified, from Do The Work. Let’s pick up where we left off last week …

We were talking about the Foolscap method of starting a project–i.e., boil your idea down so it’ll fit on a single sheet of paper. And about how to organize that single sheet: break it into three sections—beginning, middle and end … Act One, Act Two, Act Three … setup, story, punch line.

Today let’s get into the final piece of the puzzle: theme.

The last item that goes onto our single sheet of foolscap is what the project is about. (more…)

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