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East Russell Street Feed and Seed

By Callie Oettinger | 3 Comments

East Russell Street Feed and Seed sold everything from hanging plants and corn seed to dog pedicures and Easter chicks. I was 16 when I worked there—my first non-babysitting-or-lawnmowing-and-comes-with-a-paycheck job.

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Four Thousand Words for Seven Figures

By Shawn Coyne | 5 Comments

As I continue my series from in which I storygrid The Tipping Point, I’m pleased to report that the man himself, Malcolm Gladwell, is teaching a course at Master Class.  I’ll definitely be checking it out to see how his process compares to The Story Grid methodology.  My choice from the start of this series was to demonstrate how one can learn from a master without having access to the master.  So here’s more of my take as an obsessive fan piecing together this masterwork from afar. The title of this post is the kind of industry news headline…

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The War of Art Mini-Course, Part 5

By Tim Grahl | Comments Off on The War of Art Mini-Course, Part 5

Shawn Coyne: Hi and welcome to Part Five of The War of Art Mini-Course. My name is Shawn Coyne and I am the publisher of The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. All right. Let’s say we understand that everything we’ve talked about in these first four episodes. We know what Resistance is. We understand its own presence in our own lives. We’ve seen how it’s beaten us into submission in the past. We totally understand overcoming and combating it by “turning pro” and we understand how important it is to master our own craft. So at that point, where…

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Don't Major in the Minor

By Callie Oettinger | 56 Comments

(Past is present. With a December 6, 2013 date, this post is a little over four years old. The drones haven’t replaced humans yet, but Amazon is still pushing distribution, with its announcement that Amazon is going to enter UPS’ and FedEx’s space. O’Reilly has continued to change things up since this writing, but is still leading the way. More cultivated subscription models, too.) “Don’t major in the minor.” Mellody Hobson said it, but I’ve thought it these last few days, since watching Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes this past Sunday. In case you haven’t heard, Bezos unveiled a prototype…

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Combatting the "DQ"

By Shawn Coyne | 4 Comments

How do you tune out dismissive quips about your work? Here’s an edited post from that explains and all too familiar event for anyone who has accomplished anything… Ten years ago, I had knee replacement surgery. As one is required to do after being made bionic, I imprisoned myself post-op at home. Rehab centers are strictly for the better insured. For the first two weeks, I remained doped up on Oxycodone in between grueling physical therapy sessions. A charming older woman, an emigre from the Philipines, came to my apartment every afternoon at 2:30. And tortured me…but in the…

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You Have The Power

By Callie Oettinger | 10 Comments

June 12, 1993, presented me with a question. Go anchor or go springboard? Let the day pull me deeper than the Mariana Trench or propel me beyond Hubble’s view? I flip flopped for years.

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Chum or Cream? Asinine or Aristotle?

By Callie Oettinger | 18 Comments

Congratulations Kazuo Ishiguro, on being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature–and thank you for your stories. Bringing this back from September 2, 2016. In Kazuo Ishiguro’s book The Buried Giant, the dragon Querig is blamed for cursing the land with “a mist of forgetfulness.” With each breath, she exhales a mist with the power to shroud those within her range in amnesia. The mist is an unforgiving thing, wiping out the good and the bad memories. Pain and Happiness exit stage left hand and hand, with Experience and Knowledge joining them. Axl, an old man at the center of The Buried…

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“Trenches #1,” Redux

By Steven Pressfield | 34 Comments

[Not sure why, but my instinct tells me to re-run this post (the first in our “Reports from the Trenches” series) today, rather than posting a new one. Sometimes things need to be seen twice. I think this might be one of those times. So … here goes, in its entirety:] I’m gonna take a break in this series on Villains and instead open up my skull and share what’s going on in my own work right now. It ain’t pretty. I’m offering this post in the hope that an account of my specific struggles at this moment will be…

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Report from the Trenches, #3

By Steven Pressfield | 22 Comments

  The last two weeks’ posts have gotten a lot of positive response, so apparently they have struck a nerve. I confess though, as I sit down to write today’s Report #3, that I’m not really sure exactly WHAT is proving so helpful. Obviously I want to stay in that vein. So, spitballing a bit, here goes … The specific question readers might be asking right about now is, What exactly did Shawn’s notes say? And, How exactly did you, Steve, respond? The bulk of Shawn’s problem with the manuscript I gave him was that I had violated conventions of…

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Resistance at the Ph.D. Level

By Steven Pressfield | 50 Comments

  Continuing our “reports from the trenches,” let me flash back briefly to last week’s post with the aim of setting today’s piece—Report #2—in a relatable time context. The plot so far: April 28, 2017. Shawn sends me his editorial notes on my new manuscript (my Draft #10.) Same day: I go into shock. Two weeks later: I summon the courage to read Shawn’s notes again. I succumb to shock a second time (though not quite as badly.) Three days later: I read ’em one more time. Shock is receding. Two days after that: I begin to actually grasp what…

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